A Youth Center for gary

On  average, 100 Americans are killed due to gun violence each day. With the influx of violence in our communities and around the world, it can  be difficult for our youth to focus on the positive. The ASW Foundation  seeks to change this. How? The I AM THEM Hope Youth Center.

We  see this facility as a safe haven for youth of all ages. Through the  center, we will help our youth discover and cultivate their gifts—and ensure that they have a place to escape to just be a kid. We want to  help every child feel accepted and loved.

It  is our vision that the Hope Center will one day become a beacon of  light in the community that helps reduce the gun violence and increase  our community success stories


Serving the Community

"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve..." (Matthew 20:28, NIV).  We were all created to serve a purpose on this earth. There is no  greater joy than to be able to be of service to someone who is unable to  do for themselves. Community service is at the very heart of The ASW  Foundation, from providing students with college scholarships to our  annual toy drive during the holiday season, there is always an  opportunity to be of service.

Interested  in helping us bring hope to our communities? The ASW Foundation will be  offering community service hours for community work. Visit our Join Our Fight page to let us know of your desire to serve in the community or email astewart@iamthem.org.

Annual Toy Drive

For  the last several year, The ASW Foundation has hosted our annual toy  drive for less fortunate children in the Lake County area. In 2019, our  largest toy drive to date, we were able to provide more 1,000 toys to  the children in our community. We would like to thank all those who made  donations and volunteered their time to help continue to make our toy  drive a success.

The Heart of a Servant

No  great movement has ever started without great leadership. Aaliyah  realizes that in order for her to be a catalyst for change, she has to  be the change she wishes to see. That is why no matter what, you will  always find her giving back—she truly has the heart of a servant. Won't  you join her in serving the community?

Your support will help us provide hope to future generations. Together we can put at Stop to Violence. Thank you for joining our fight!

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