the youth today are the

Future for tomorrow

Future for tomorrowFuture for tomorrowFuture for tomorrow

Inspiring today's youth for tomorrow's purpose

Four  words: Hope for the Lost. That is the mission of The ASW Foundation, Inc. in a nutshell. In everything we do, we strive to show the youth in  our communities that they have potential. Over the last five years, our  organization has grown into a movement to stop the senseless gun  violence in our communities. We believe that by supporting our youth,  encouraging them, and providing them with creative and constructive  outlets, we can change the narrative of the future. 

In  2019, our founder, Aaliyah Stewart, began developing a plan to build a  youth center in her hometown of Gary, Indiana. This community center  will be a safe haven for the youth of the city—a place where they can  come together for recreation and to receive guidance and direction. When  the center opens, it will be something unlike anything anyone has seen  in the City of Gary in quite some time. 

Working with those in the community to make a difference.

The  ASW Foundation, Inc. has devoted its energy to giving back to the  community, and raising awareness to gun violence. Something that is near and dear to our founders heart. Gun violence is a Major problem that is  occurring in the world we live in. The youth of TODAY are The FUTURE for TOMORROW!! We have to take back our COMMUNITIES. 

A Young Lady on a mission


Meet Aaliyah Stewart—founder of The ASW Foundation, Inc. Losing her two brothers, Anthony S.White Jr. and James Anderson, to gun violence  catapulted her into action at a young age. Aaliyah strives to be an  example of what our youth can achieve if they simply given the  opportunity to succeed. Her work through the ASW Foundation and the #IAMTHEM Movement have inspired not only those in her community but  people all across the country. 

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission


Locally, nationally and internationally, The ASW Foundation, Inc. is standing up and taking back our communities. Giving the youth equal opportunities. 


Our Mission

Our Mission


A movement created to encourage youth and to let them know that they are not alone in this fight. When we say #IAMTHEM, we are letting our youth know that we are in this together and together we will overcome. 

Join Us

Our Mission

Join Us


The  ASW Foundation, INC. strives daily to make a change in the community.  But it will take more than just our efforts to make a difference. We have to bring the communities together in order if we are going to bring  about real change. 

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